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At Nexus, We Provide Surface Coatings to the Marine and Subsea Industries

  • At Nexus, We Provide Surface Coatings to the Marine and Subsea Industries

    At Nexus, We Provide Surface Coatings to the Marine and Subsea Industries

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Erosion caused by salt and chloride can cause problems for subsea companies. Damaged equipment and components make for an unsafe working environment, so you need to make sure that your assets are protected. Our anti-corrosion coatings improve the lifespan of your equipment by protecting it from the harsh subsea environment.

At Nexus, we specialise in providing surface coatings to the marine and subsea industries. Whether your components need anti-friction, anti-corrosion, or dry-film lubrication, we have the products you need. We’re meticulous in ensuring that your equipment is treated with the most effective coatings, so you can rest assured that it receives the very best protection. We only use high-performance products like Everslik, Molykote and Xylan.

Our surface treatments will improve the lifespan of your equipment and protect it from damage caused by heat generation, erosion, galling of surfaces and inadequate lubrication.

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Shot Blasting

We’re able to blast a variety of different surfaces, including steel, low alloy and aluminium. We work with a range of clients in the marine industry and we adopt a flexible approach to shot blasting your surfaces. Whether you need a polished finish using small steel shots, or a rougher surface using steel grit, we can accommodate you.

Phosphate Coating

The main benefit of zinc phosphating is the corrosion and rust protection it offers metal components. At Nexus, we use phosphating as a pre-treatment to coating or painting and as a way of protecting against galling and rusting.

Repair and Refurbishment

In subsea conditions, eventually, the quality of your components will diminish. Salt water and other corrosive chemicals reduce the effectiveness of your equipment, which can affect the productivity of your business. At Nexus, we offer a repair and refurbishment service that will enhance the lifespan of your equipment.

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