Xylan and Teflon are both brand names for fluoropolymer coatings, but they are manufactured and marketed by different companies with differences in their formulations and applications.

Now, being “Teflon-coated” isn’t always a positive thing – an accusation often thrown at particularly resilient politicians - but when DuPont’s Roy Plunkett accidentally discovered the first fluoropolymer in 1938, no one realised the impact it would have on many industries.

Reputable brands

Xylan is a range of fluoropolymer coatings owned by Whitford Worldwide Company, while Teflon is a brand owned by Chemours, a chemical manufacturer spun out of DuPont in 2015.

Both companies produce a wide range of fluoropolymer coatings, each with their unique formulations and properties. And both have established themselves as reputable brands in the coating industry.